Wayback Wednesday – Home Edition

Since we’re in the process of house dealings it seems fitting to venture “wayback” to our very first house tonight.  We loved this house.  We were able to choose the lot, house plan, and most of the small details.  It was truly a reflection of who we were at the time, we exercised all of our rights when choosing colors.  It’s a wonder we ever sold it with it’s orange kitchen walls and blue counter-tops.  We had our first two blessings while in this house, and it still holds lots of precious memories for that reason.  We also made some really great friends while at this house, our first encounter being running into them while the house was still under construction as I was reminded the other day.  It was our first large purchase together as a married couple.  It was more than we ever imagined ourselves in at that point in our lives, and we were smitten with it.

Time passed and babies came, quickly.  Then a grocery store was built in what used to be a lovely horse pasture behind our house.  It was time to move on, and we did.  But, much like your first love (which I will not be blogging about) you never forget your first house.

So, here it is along with the beautiful mural that grandma painted in the nursery before B1 was born.  Ironically enough, the buyers did not (at least right away) paint over it.


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