Stop and Smell the Roses

What a busy week it has been for us!  Monday was the first day of having our house on the market.  Tuesday the house was shown for a Realtor open house.  Wednesday the house was shown five times, twice to the same people who ended up making an offer late that night.  Right before bed on Wednesday we came to an agreement with the offer and the date was set for closing.  Whew!  Meanwhile, the kids and I were spending most of these days (the cold wet days) at my parents house.  Showing the house would have been pretty impossible while we were trying to do school.

The weekend is certain to be another busy one also.  I’m trying to make this an organized move and part of that is purging all things that are unnecessary.   Next Saturday we are planning a garage sale.  Most of tomorrow will be spent getting things together for the sale.

If you could spare some boxes we would really appreciate it.  We can’t find any.  Just let us know!

During weeks like this I have to stop and make myself take the time to enjoy some time with David and the kids.  Otherwise by the end of the day on Sunday, we realized that we’ve hardly talked to each other at all.  All of the chores are necessary, but sometimes it’s just too easy to get caught up in the chaos of the days.  This weekend amidst all of the work that must be done, I will do my best to stop occasionally and smell the roses.

So now stop and smell this cute rosy girl, yes she is dressed for that holiday that is right around the corner.


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