Reality of Moving

Well, the reality of moving has set in.  The cleaning out of the attic, the wading through junk in the building.  We filled the garage with piles of our possessions.  A Goodwill pile, trash area, keep and garage sale corner.  Then you leave it unattended for 10 minutes and everything has magically merged into one pile.  I have some great “helpers”!

If you haven’t opened a box in 3 years chances are you don’t need it!  We found a two seat stroller in the attic we forgot we bought.  A couple graduation robes with honor tassels (those were Casey’s).  Sure, I think I’ll wear mine tomorrow.  A Class of 1997 Senior Breakfast coffee cup….  We won’t even get started on the building.  Hey, I get it honest….honest!  We have exactly 4 weeks from this weekend to get everything out.  We will be a little nicer than the former owners.  The first time we went into the attic they had left us a huge dehumidifier and a Gazelle (an exercise machine).

At one point today I contemplated calling someone to bring a dumpster and drop it off for a few days.  I think we may hold a percentage of the world’s wicker in our garage.  Who knew we had so many baskets?  We did buy one of the best inventions ever.  Some of those bags you vacuum all the air out of.  We filled one of those XL bags with two big trash bags full of clothes.  We then sucked the air out and it was very small!  The boys were amazed.

It is pretty amazing at the amount of stuff we accumulate.  Little by little, knick knack by knick knack, stuffed animal by stuffed animal. Don’t even get me started on stuffed animals!  B1 did ask me if I was going to sell my trophies.  I told him I didn’t think anyone could afford them.  He told me he wanted to buy everything I had in the building.  Now, if he could only find his wallet!  The countdown begins….

Most people use trucks to move.  We will be using the below method this time.  Pack mule.


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