My Beef With The Fat Man

First tonight we want to send a big Congratulations to our very dedicated blog reader who welcomed her second little boy into the world today!  We love you guys and are praying that you have a good night and some good rest.

If I blogged about what was really on my mind tonight I would have to tell you how I get furious with people who REFUSE to keep their sick kids at home.  And how it is most inconsiderate to send you sick kids to play with my well kids, when we not only have four kids, but an infant at that.  But I will not make you endure that rant tonight so here goes, I’ll pick on the fat man instead.

Our two oldest blessings know that there is no Santa Clause.  Now wait before you go calling Social Services on us here’s the other part, they don’t even care.

We’ve never really made a big deal about the whole Santa thing.  Of course they’ve always been exposed to the idea of Santa, like every child I know, but we’ve just chosen not to make it a big thing in our house, and that worked fine for a while.  Finally a couple of years ago, B1 ask the question, but in a strange and eye opening way.  It went something like this.

B1 – Mama, if Santa can visit and get into every kids house, gives lots of gifts to kids everywhere, and know who has been good and bad, doesn’t that make him kinda like God.

Me – Um, well you make a good point son, but you know that, well, no sweetie Santa is nothing like God and as a matter of fact……

Followed was the explanation of Santa, and that he doesn’t exist at all.  Now you tell me, can’t you see how a child that has grown up in church and understands that God and only God is all powerful and all knowing might be a bit confused by the whole Santa thing?  Well I totally understand and whole-heartedly believe that trying to keep my children believing in the idea of Santa is not at all worth the possibility of making them question things about God.  Period.  This is the biggest reason that we just don’t push the Santa idea.  The other simply being that I don’t want this fat man getting credit for the gifts that we buy with the money that God provides us with.

Back to the not caring part.  Do you now imagine my kids sleeping in on Christmas morning having no desire to get up and look for gifts since they know that there is no Santa, or walking sleepily into the living room totally unexcited because the big scheme has been ruined for them?  Be assured that this is not at all the mood  on Christmas morning at our house.  Our kids are just as happy, just as excited, and just as wild as any other children on Christmas morning.  And, here’s the thing sometimes they even pretend to believe in Santa when there playing or when adult or other kids ask them about Santa, and that’s totally okay.  The important thing is we’ve been honest with them, and they know that Christmas has nothing to do with any fat man that has God-like powers.

So that’s my beef with the fat man. Now I understand that everyone has their own idea about this so I tell you this not to make you feel bad if you choose not handle Santa this way, but to let you know that kids don’t need this made up jolly man to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Now, enjoy this unrelated photo of B3 when he decided to use my make-up drawer to decorate himself.


2 thoughts on “My Beef With The Fat Man

  1. Thanks so much! We had an awesome, very relaxed night and are just as relaxed this morning! Just HUNGRY! 🙂 Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with what you said in that second part about sick kids.

    We love you all so much!

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