Blissfully Busy

Today was a full day.  David took the day off to help get things ready for our upcoming yard sale and move.  This involved doing some small repairs around the house, going through some junk really important stuff in the building, making a trip the the dump, taking things down from the attic, organizing things for the yard sale, and many other necessary tasks.

Amidst all of these not-so-fun tasks we did manage to have a really great day together as a family.  The boys were overjoyed to help David by crawling under the house where they even spied a frog and a lizard.  Need I even say that they managed to recover at least one treasure each from the building, yeah we all knew that was coming.  We ate a great lunch at Andy’s.  Now, if you’ve ever eaten there you know that they normally ask and write down your name as you order so that they know who’s food is who’s when they bring it out.  The boys knowing this, had devised a plan to give fake names yep, we were to be Robin Hood, Little Jon, Marian, Friar Tuck, and the King (that was B3 and he kept saying it over and over “I king, I king”).  To everyone’s disappointment, today they did not ask names (possibly because we were the only ones in the restaurant at 11:00).  Oh well, at least they remember some things about reading Robin Hood.  On that subject Robin Hood is B1’s current hero, I’m not so sure that’s an admirable hero but at least he was a leader and not a follower.  We’re hoping he won’t grow up and start his own militia.  We ended with a little science experiment of sorts.  Question – Do you think that it would be difficult to hunt for your food at night like owls do?  Experiment – Try playing hide and go seek in the dark.  Answer – If said owl lives in a subdivision the street lights give him a slight advantage.  This ended with B1 and B2 running in the house declaring that daddy was gone, he left.  Yeah, daddy can be a bit to competitive sometime, he won, the best owl in the bunch.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day also, it’s a special day for us.  But, I’m sure you’ll hear about it tomorrow.  Now I’ll leave you with the product of a little time I managed to steal for myself today, I find photo editing very relaxing.




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