Nine Years and Counting

Yes, today is our nine year wedding anniversary! When I look back at those pictures we look so young.  Most people say you will never remember the day when looking back on it.  But I do have a very good memory of the events on that day.

I remember turning to look down the aisle when Canon in D started playing and seeing the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walking toward me.  After nine years I still find myself stopping and staring at her in amazement.  I remember putting my wedding ring on the wrong finger during the ceremony and her trying to fix it during the singing.  Sharing that moment in time with all our great family and friends was amazing.

We finally left the church after coming back from the reception and made it home.  Yes, I remember having to drive back 30 minutes to church to pick up make-up 🙂  We made it to the hotel in Greensboro, exhausted, and ready to jet off to Europe the next day.  Funny how that night was a glimpse of what to come.  There was a huge soccer tournament in town and little kids running up and down the halls all night.

What did we wake up to the next morning?  SNOW!

Nine years, four kids and four residences later here we are.  A lot of things have changed over those nine years, including my love for you growing day by day.  Nine years sounds like a long time, but it seems like just yesterday we were saying “I do”.

God has truly blessed me with a great wife and family.  I never imagined having such a wonderful wife.  We have a real marriage that is not always 100% perfect just like neither one of us are.  It is comforting knowing I have a soul mate that is here with me for the ups and downs in life.  She is calm in my freak out moments and vice versa.

I look forward to many more years, changes and experiences with you!

Who are these kids getting married?  November 18, 2000


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  1. Wow you do look young, and I look just the same (ha, kidding)! I also fondly remember almost everything about that day. It’s been a great journey so far, and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the future. So thankful that I’ve been blessed with such a wonderful husband!

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