Going, Going Gone

Whew, what a long day!  We had a garage sale today to get rid of some of our accumulated stuff today.  Our first customer came around 13 hours early just to “check things out”.   He was going hunting this morning and wanted to stop by and look around.  He then proceeded to try to get by me and look in the garage.  Wow, some people!

All in all we had a great day selling almost everything we had put out.  I still had a large majority of sports cards that I pulled back into the garage at the end of the day.  We sat down for lunch and someone came up to the door.  It was a man that had brought his grandson back to look at my card collection.  I opened the garage door and we looked over the cards for a few minutes before he offered me a price for all of them.

I jumped on the offer since most of them were common cards that have picked through over the years.  I had placed some pretty good cards in there so it would be worth their while.  It was hard to part with the cards, but I have realized that my emotional attachment weren’t to them.  I just wanted to hold on to the memories that came with the cards.

Like on one of my birthdays when there were no baseball card shows around Burlington my grandpa, my dad and I drove to the closest show that weekend in Sanford.  It wasn’t the best show, but I do remember the good time we had.

Or one of the many shows at the Ramada Inn where I wasn’t having the best of luck with cards.  One of the money hungry dealers tossed me a pack of cheap cards.  I opened the pack in front of him and pulled out a limited edition card that was worth a lot.  His eyes got big and he wanted me to give him the card back.

The many hours spent sorting, trading and putting the cards in plastic pages.  I truly thought these cards would buy me a house one day 🙂  The majority of the cards are gone to bring joy to some kids life and probably frowns from his parents.  At least I still have the good ones!

We didn’t have any tires at the sale but they were great delivery boys for everyone!


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