Three Weeks and Counting

After a successful garage sale yesterday and the cleaning out of almost everything a couple of weeks ago before putting the house up for sale the countdown has begun.  The only major thing that needs to be done here is the moving of the clubhouse.  I talked to a guy last week who gave me a decent quote but I need to get him out here to look over everything.  Other than that we are pretty much ready to box up things and get them moved.  We are old pros at moving.  Casey wants to start a business of getting peoples junk together and sell it, trash it and donate it.  I’m sure some people would pay for that and it may be appealing to have an impartial third party looking at your junk.  Let me know if there are any takers.  Sorry mom, I don’t think you could pay us enough!

We are trying to stress to the boys to be easy inside the house and not to break anything before we leave.  We don’t have enough time to fix last minute broken stuff before we leave… we’ve had to at other houses.

Just a week before we moved out of our first house we had an incident that sent us into an immeadiate panic.  We were packing up boxes at the last minute and writing on them with a black sharpie.  Our little artist, B1, decided he wanted to draw on our white cabinets and white refrigerator with the black sharpie.  After our initial panic we discovered appliance paint that worked wonders on the refridgerator.  I think it only took about 10 coats of white paint to go over the area on the cabinets.  Everything was fine and we closed without any hassle.

When we sold our second house B1 passed the baton to B2.  B2 was playing one of his favorite games, the dizzy game.  What is the dizzy game you ask?  This is one that B2 created and it is very complex.  Let me try to explain it.  You turn in circles really fast until you get dizzy.  Unfortunately, B2 didn’t know when to stop playing the game and his head slammed into the wall.  He was fine apart from the laughter, but he left a small crater in the wall.

I sit on pins and needles to see what havoc B3 does until we finally move out of this house.  I’m hoping it will be something small and easy to fix.


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