Mind Dump Monday

-Last night I realized that one of my Facebook friends had passed away.  I emphasis Facebook friend because it’s someone I went to high school with but we’ve not kept up with each other until we met again on Facebook.  It’s a real tragedy, and I ache for her kids and other family members.  It was truly bizarre to read posts from her just days before this happened.  The circumstances are unknown to me but please help me pray for this family

-Today I had two encounters with other mothers.  The first was a soon-to-be mom who is extremely unsure of her ability to care for a newborn.  She had many questions which I answered to my ability, but at this point she has a few things going against her.  I’m certainly no authority on parenting but what I really wanted to say please let me help you raise your child.  Of course that would be odd and unnatural not to mention a tiny bit overbearing.  I know that her and her husband will be just fine, I feel it’s my job to help her to get to the point where she feels that also.  I’m happy and willing to help her in any way I can.

The last was a short but beautiful visit with a mom and her brand new baby.  Oh how I wish I’d had my camera.  They both looked so lovely, peaceful and rested.  There is really nothing more comforting and just plain right than seeing a mother holding tight her brand new babe.

Now here’s one of my babes, hum that explains the face prints about three feet up on all of our doors.


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