Silence Speaks Volumes

Two statements have been rolling around in my head the past couple of weeks.

Not making a decision is making a decision and silence speaks volumes

When we fail or postpone making a decision we are making a decision.  If we push the decision to the back of our minds and try not to think about it we are essentially taking the importance away from it.  We think it will either go away or work itself out before we have to worry with it again.

One thing I deal with is in the area of silence.  I think it has something to do with my Phlegmatic Temperament, not wanting to offend anyone even if I am being offended.  I am getting better at this and learning to pick my battles.  If we stay silent around others who are spouting off about one thing or another we are in essence agreeing with them.  The whole guilt by association principle.

I  sometimes have problems with foot in mouth disease and waiting too long to comment.  I have to find a happy medium by not sitting on comments too long and not letting the first thing that comes into my mind out.  I do believe you can get your point across by keeping silent.

It reminds me of a presentation I was a part of two years ago.  We presented a web site at a regional conference and everyone honestly did a great job.  We closed up and had time for Q & A.  The first question came from someone who was siting in the back of the room with his glasses half way down his nose and his arms crossed.  His question was more of a statement of how our time was wasted.  No one really knew how to respond because he didn’t pose a question.  So we moved on.

The next week someone posted pictures of the presentation online and everyone was commenting on one of me.  It was a side angle of me with jaw clenched and a little red in the face.  I’m sure my eyes were a little piercing too.  I think the person who asked the question got the point.

Sometimes we can’t get the point across without using words, but we need to be aware of what message we are sending silently.

On another note Casey has entered her first photo contest!  I won’t get into how bad the Times-News voting system is in this post.  Go and vote for our picture if you get a chance!

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