Friday morning I set out with my breast pump, water bottle, Christmas list, and big fuzzy scarf to continue our yearly tradition of Black Friday shopping.  Even though I don’t get out much lately I was determined, desperately determined to spend a few hours throwing myself full blast into the Christmas season.  Don’t get me wrong I was NOT in line anywhere at midnight, 4:00 am, or even 5:00 am, we didn’t actually get to where we were going until about 6:30 am.  I did NOT go to any store that ends in -mart, -buy, has a bulls-eye logo, or that sales toys.

After the much needed Biscuitville biscuit we set off for Cary Town Center.  We got lost took a slight detour, but with the help of David’s iPhone and a GPS quickly found our way and were ready for shopping.  Great deals were found, many presents bought, stories were shared, laughter ensued, and I truly had a great time with three very special women.  I only got whacked (accidentally) with one purse and only saw one confrontation and that was between a mom and her three year old.  We shopped until I literally could have dropped and then shared a peaceful lunch together.

Meanwhile David was home with all yes I said ALL the blessings.  I don’t have all the details as to how things went while I was gone.  I know that B4 was not having the pumped milk I left for her.  She eventually gave up and went to sleep then ate like a famished baby when I got home.  B3 was up early, but that’s normal lately, and they had to make a Cook-Out run with milkshakes so there must have been a few hairy moments.  In the end I had a nice day out and was ecstatic that my dear husband handled everything with ease.  I might not get out too much, but I certainly cherish the few moments I do get to steal away every once in a while.  Now,  if everyone would just leave so that I could catch up on my sleep.  🙂


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