Updates galore

Just to keep everyone up to date I wanted to post where we are with the move.  We spent most of the day today moving over some things here and there.  My brother had one of his friends come over and help so the young backs brunted most of the heavy lifting.  Our computer armoire, boy’s bunkbeds, bookshelf and church pew are at their new home.  We also moved some building items, bicycles and scooters.  I think the highlight of the day was watching my brother come down the driveway with a scooter under each foot.

On another note we finished the majority of our shopping tonight from amazon.com.  Casey on one computer and me on the laptop sending links back and forth over instant messanger.  I guess that is the new window shopping.  Worked great for us!  I also looked into the online wrapping as well.  That was a little more than I was willing to pay.

Next week I’ll be meeting with the shed man about moving the clubhouse.  I’m sure next Saturday will hold another round of moving boxes.  I guess we will have to move the trampoline for Casey….


Looking forward to everyone being healthy enough to go to church together again!

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