Mind Dump Monday – December

I cannot believe it is already December!

This week is a busy one.  Exam review, Trustee Meeting, church, parade, meet with building mover, rest home, pack, pack, pack…..

We are down to 2 weeks now until we have to be out!

Our home phone has been disconnected.  If you need us call one of our cell phones.

Our Sunday School lesson this week was on making unashamedly choices.  We studied the life of Joseph of Armathea.  Speak your convictions and let people know where you stand.  Don’t be a secret disciple or follower.  Be vocal and let people know where you stand.

B2 had the question of the day in school.  “Do birds have armpits?”  B1 had the quick response of, “No, they have wing pits!”

Our gate is fixed!  That would have been nice 4 years ago when we moved in….

I had an unscheduled date with my favorite two girls today at lunch, Casey and B4.  Great time eating Arby’s in the hospital parking lot.

We came in the top 5 of the photo contest at our local paper, but did not win.  Maybe next time!

Short and sweet tonight.

Here is a picture of Casey in front of the Golden Gate Bridge from our business trip to San Francisco last April.


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