You know those quirky, odd, uncalled for, totally weired things that we all do on occasion.  They happen for different reasons ranging from laziness to just plain irritability.  Some blogs that I read own up to these humours type things on a weekly basis but for me today is it, so enjoy at my expense.

These are things that I would never (please note the sarcasm here) do.

I would never lose B4’s pacifier during her dedication only to realize later that it had fallen down my shirt for an undetermined amount of time, I would never be that unorganized.   Speaking of clothes I would never wear my shirt backwards for half of the day before realizing it and when I did realize it not bother the turn it around because I had no plans to leave the house.  I would never be that lazy.  I could never lie to B3 telling him that our television was broken just so he would stop saying in a very whiny voice “meeeee watch t.b..

I would never set my cell phone ring to bells and then have to check my phone everytime I hear a Christmas song just in case it rang.  I would also never have to ask my dear husband the same question once a day for three days, not because I forget the answer but because I seem to space out each time he gives me the answer.  Surely I would never be that flighty.  I would definitely never ask my dear husband in a somewhat loud, aagitated voice why cleaning the bathroom did not include cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, I would never be that rude and argumentative about such a minor detail.  I would never request that David Photoshop the very dark roots in my hair before he posted a picture on this very blog.

And last but not least, I would never threaten to drop B1 and B2 off at our local public school.  Of course I love every moment of homeschooling and never get the least bit irritated even when they interrupt my reading to ask me a question like “why is there not an Obama dollar?”.


Well, there you have it, things that I would never do, okay maybe just every once in a while.

And just in case you enjoyed the video from earlier today, here’s a few more we got lots of laughs out of these today.

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