Annual Christmas Parade

Casey left this morning to go walking with her mom.  She drives through downtown and at 5:45 am people were already trying to get prime parking spots for the parade.  We have goten there early in the past and waited over an hour and a half in the cold.  Also two years ago we drove around and couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere.  Casey ended up dropping me, b1 and b2 off and going to visit her mom in the warm house.

With the impending move and everything going on we went back and forth all week whether we were going to go to the parade tonight or not.  We finally decided that if the boys packed up stuff today, were good and didn’t turn the tv on then we would go tonight.  As soon as I walked in the door from work tonight B3 was yelling “hosis, tracturs, fifighta trucks at tha parade dada”!  He knew what he wanted to see.

Luckily, our sister-in-law’s grandpa parked his truck earlier today and had a great spot.  We dropped B4 off across town at mawmaw’s house and headed back to find a parking spot.  We knew where we wanted to park and pulled into the parking lot.  We turned into the parking lot and I saw a spot.  I had to take a double take, I passed the spot, put it in reverse and got the spot.  That was a miracle!

The parade was ok.  The boys enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.  The highlight was definitely the Amtrack and freight train that came by.  Yes, B3 got to see the fire trucks, tractor, lawn mowers, but not the horses.  We had to leave a little early to go feed B4.

Enjoy the pictures from the parade!

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