Mind Dump Monday – Closing, Potty, and Duds

Let the mind dumping begin.

1.  We’re almost a week away from closing on the house and I’m beginning to get a bit nervous.  We can’t help but be a little gun shy after our closing on our last house, it was unbelievably terrible.  Praying that everything goes smoothly.  I will continue to break out in a sweat each time our real estate lady calls between now and Tuesday.

2.  B3 is in the very early stages of potty training.  He’s been doing pretty well overall.  But, today he wet himself while sitting in his chair watching television and never bothered to move or let anyone know.  Guess it was a good show.  Good news is we had planned on throwing out the old chair anyway.

3.  Sitting here wondering if there is a cap on how loud your outside voice should be, seriously considering telling B2 he needs to be a little quieter while playing outside.

4.  It’s been tough to stay synchronized with parenting issues during all of the craziness here lately.  For example, B2 is such a good care taker of Violet, his fish.  He’s never once missed feeding her, he talks to her, he even apologizes if he can’t spend an adequate amount  of time with her.  B2 is a nurturer so it’s been good for him.  He’s asked me a few times if his dear Violet can understand what he tells her.  I simply say “Sweetie I’m not sure she understands everything but I’m sure that she realizes how much you care for her.” a nice political answer.  So, the other day he tosses David the same question.  You want to guess he’s answer, yep the heartbreaking “No she’s a fish”.  Devastation.  I quickly smooth it over, and B2 seems okay.

5.  I’m certain that ( the newly rolling) B4 is gaining about a pound a night, she’s getting so big and is getting the cutest little rolls.

5.  Just in case you’ve been wondering and concerned that I may not have had time to snag any appropriate Christmas wear for the B’s, no fear they do in fact have cute duds to wear.  I even managed to find time to shop for a few accessories for B4 that should be on their way soon.  So rest easy, the important stuff is taken care of. 🙂

Well, that’s all I got, have a great week!


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