The MJs

This week is crunch time on moving.  We plan to be moved by Friday and Saturday if needed.  With so much stress and chaos going on tonight before bed we took the time to watch the elf videos.  That also included B3 singing for us, an Elvis impersonation and mouth trumpeting.  Never a dull moment!

I’ll take this post to clear some things up that B1 has been mistaken on for the past few months.

I do not own any Michael Jackson shirts!  I have a few Michael Johnson (Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter) shirts that I wear around the house.

I do not own any Michal Jackson figurines!  I do have a few Michael Jordan (Basketball Superstar) figurines.

After explaining this to B1 he asked, “Well, who is Michael Jackson?”  I answered that he was a singer.  “Oh, that rodeo clown dressed up like him at the rodeo.”

Ha, Yeah that’s it B1!

Question of the week from B1 & B2 after hearing White Christmas on the radio this week:  “Is Bing Crosby related to Fanny Crosby?”

A:  “hahahahaah…….Um, I don’t know maybe”  The Internetz have been no help on this one.

That also led to an explanation that just because you have the same last name it doesn’t mean you are related.

Pray for us this week as we try to get everything moved from here to yonder.

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