We'll Work Till Jesus Comes

That has been my answer for the past few days when anyone asks, “When are we going to stop working?”  It has been pretty much non stop getting things moved and in their rightful place the last few days.  Today was no different.

I started out over at the old house meeting my dad so that we could get the last load of items.  We loaded up and daddy had to use his small air compressor to pump up one of his tires.  He had ran over something on the way back from the beach Wednesday.  We brought the stuff back here and unloaded it.  Daddy had to pump up the tire again.  We went back to the old house and daddy had to leave to get his tire fixed.  I had to stay and take care of some things before we can close on the house next week.

They requested that we clean out the gutters and tack up some insulation under the house.  I just cleaned the gutters a few weeks ago, but they had already filled back up.  I cimbed up on the ladder and and it was freezing up there.  Luckily I had dumped out some winter clothes in the garage to use the box.  I looked through the stuff and had contemplated putting a huge sock on my head to cover my ears.  Thank God I found a full head toboggan that just had a little slit for my eyes.

Task 1 & 2 complete.  Next we filled the truck to capacity and made a run to the dump.  Back to pick up the dryer and dresser to unload at my parent’s house.  Daddy dropped me off at home and it was time to wade through the stuff in the garage to get it placed in the house.  We worked on that until it was time for supper.  The kitchen was still going through organizational adjustments so we ordered pizza from Dominos.

When I got there they were having a problem with our order.  The manager came up and asked if I would take a large pepperoni and a large sausage instead of a large pepperoni and sausage.  So you want me to take 2 for the price of 1?  Uh, yeah!  Free Pizza!

Back home to eat, then onto the kid’s room and bath time.  Then a great Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel, haha!

Whew…..eat, sleep, repeat tomorrow

On the brightside I did find a great White Elephant gift for our office party next week.  I’ll post a picture after the party to show you what I took.

Best 2 quotes from B1 so far on the move.

“Daddy, you don’t have to take your mower.  Paw-paw does all that”

“I’m going to like it here.  Daddy always gives us cereal.”  – While eating sausage and eggs after the first night here.


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