Educational Sunday

We learned a few things this Sunday.  A quick rundown for you:

Don’t order hot dogs in the Philippines.  You will get a cooked dog.  That was from B1

Also, we learned from B2 why they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines.  Because they don’t have turkeys. haha

Also it is not an Activity Scene, it is a nativity scene.  Although, maybe someone should have an activity scene.

Why all the facts on the Philippines?  We had two Filipino missionaries at church with us this morning.  Pray for them one hasn’t seen is daughter in 8 months and the others wife is giving birth in a few months.

While I’m typing this there is a show on television about people with no arms.  One is flying a plane and another is playing the guitar with his feet.  Pretty amazing seeing her walk into a mini mart and fixing herself a coffee, paying and driving out of the parking lot.

The house is clean, empty and ready to be closed on.  We close on Tuesday and praying that everything goes smoothly!


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