Mind Dump Monday – Shots, Martha, and Christmas

– Today B4 had to have her 4-month vaccinations, what a horrible job those nurses have making smiley happy babies cry.

– Our Sunday school lesson this week was about Mary and Martha.  I’m fully aware that I have Martha tendencies and can’t help but wonder if I too would have busied myself with roasting the pheasant (or whatever they were eating then) instead of sitting at Jesus’s feet and learning what I could from him.  Sadly enough I probably know the answer.  I’m thinking I should definitely pray more about that,

– Christmas is very close, it’s been a little harder for me to get into the spirit this year.  I skipped out on my annual Christmas brunch with all of the house stuff going on and I’m just now realizing how much I missed doing it.  I’m not finished with my shopping and not sure when I’m going to fit that in, but regardless it’s gonna be here soon.

– Praying that it will stop raining for a while so that we can get the boys clubhouse moved here, it’s the last thing to move and the biggest.

– Closing is tomorrow, we’re praying that all goes well, especially since we’re all moved and the people buying our house are also.  We get to collect a whole $35.00 rent for that.  🙂

– Since David didn’t have school tonight I finally got everyone’s hair cut, it was time, I noticed B3 stroking David’s hair yesterday at church he was infatuated with it’s fro-like quality.

– We’ve been pretty slack lately with taking photos so enjoy this one from last Christmas.  Oh how I can’t wait to see what kind of men my boys will turn in to.


Now excuse while I eat Doritos and try to console my poor B4, her shots did not sit too well with her today.

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