Be a blessing not a burden

Today our office sent a co-worker off in style.  We had lunch at a local eating place with our office of 13.  The service was slow and the food took forever to get to our table.  The place wasn’t busy things were just slow.  I was fine with the wait and it wasn’t a big deal to me.  Others in the group were more vocal about their displeasure.  Now to the title of the post.

Try not to be a burden to someone try being a blessing.  I could tell the waitress was flustered and couldn’t help the food was coming out slow.  I had to stay behind waiting for change after the group had already walked out.  The waitress was apologetic and I told her it wasn’t a big deal.  She shared with me that she wasn’t very good at it and she really needed the job.  We talked for a second and I wished her a Merry Christmas.

We have no clue what others are going through when we come in contact with them.  The waitress stressed to me that she needed that job.  Who knows what she goes home to after her shift ends.  Single mom?  Single income?  You could be the biggest headache customer of the day or the one that leaves a smile on that person’s face the rest of the day.

I found out later on that day an e-mail was sent from someone in our office to the manager of the restaurant.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t speak up in certain situations if the server is being flat out rude.  If the person is trying their best with a smile on their face we shouldn’t be so critical if it is beyond their control.

Its Christmas time and everyone is burned out.  Try bringing a smile to someones face instead of being a problem customer.


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