Due to Tonight's Inclement Weather…..

It’s 9:00 pm and I should be eating chocolate covered strawberries in my new red dress surrounded by lots of conversation and soft background music.  Instead, I am blogging in my newly acquired fluffy pink robe and green Crocs (by choice this time I did actually find the rest of my shoes) while David and B4 play with a toy cow beside of me.  Yep, the Elon Christmas party was not to be tonight with the weather and all so we had a slight change of plans.  It was disappointing, after all it is practically the only childless event we have during the holiday season.  But not to fear in an effort to make lemonade (you know, out of our party-less lemons) we tried to take advantage of the magnificently beautiful evening.

David and I did manage an early evening date.  We ate a fabulous chicken jerk sandwich (and I found a half of piece of bacon in my coat pocket from days ago and “No” I did  not eat it), finished our Christmas shopping , and I drank Joy tea from Starbucks on the way home while the cotton ball like snow covered our windshield.  We finished the evening by packing everyone up to go on a Christmas light drive in town.  My oh-so-cautious husband taxied us around in the blizzard like conditions while we sang “Jingle Bells”.

So the night didn’t pan out as planned, but we had a good night.  Although it’s tough to let go of the after dinner coffee with the homemade whipped cream and chocolate curls on top, I’ll gladly give it up for a nice snowy night with the family.  I mean who would want to miss my mom hurling snowballs at David, or B3’s snow covered hair?  Enjoy these photos tonight of our Christmas tree and the snowy excitement of earlier today.





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