I can't feel my feet!

The boys were up at 6:30 this morning ready to play all day in the snow.  I told them it was too early and too cold to go outside to play.  We ate breakfast and got suited up before we braved the icy tundra.  I estimate we got around 4-5″ here based on how B3 maneuvered around in it.  They had big plans on staying out all day and building an igloo.  B3 lasted about 30 minutes and B1 had to come in when he could no longer feel his feet after an hour and a half.  I made B2 come in when B1 did.  Who knows how long he would have stayed out there.

After building a snow fort and sleding with the boys it made me think back to fun snow memories.  I will share a few and hopefully you will share some as well in the comments.

I remember waking up the morning after Casey and I got married and seeing the snow coming down pretty heavy.  The ground was already covered and I kind of went into panic mode.  Will our plane be able to leave on time?  What if we are delayed?  We decided to get to the airport a little early and they rushed on to an earlier flight.  That was the good part.  The bad, Casey had to sit next to a couple of women eating chili dogs on the plane.  What a first flight!

I also remember one year ’98 or ’99 when we got a huge snow.  I was living about 15 minutes away from my parents at the time and decided to brave the weather and drive there.  My brother and I made a sledding trail that went down the driveway into the woods and weaved around trees and ended close to their creek.  It went on for about 50 – 60 yards.

There are many more!  Share some of your favorite memories.  Here are a few pictures from today.




3 thoughts on “I can't feel my feet!

  1. Back when we had that HUGE snow with like 21″, we made a snowman family, complete with a dog! That was so much fun….and then sledding every time there was enough snow to sled on and the time Mama and Laura went down the hill, across the road and into the other field before their momentum slowed down!

    Then coming inside my Grandma’s house to warm up and being so hyped up I walked STRAIGHT into the sliding glass door….fun times!

    Then I eventually wised up and stayed by the fire reading books while all the crazy people went out in the snow. I prefer sand on a warm sunny beach! 🙂

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