I'll Take Those

2 trash cans full of trash

1 frig with more food than we can should eat in a month

1 tree that looks very bare

4 happy and overstimulated children

2 very tired parents

about a million more toys than we had two days ago

Christmas 2009 is almost over and these are things that we have leftover this Christmas night.  For some people the after-Christmas-blues have already set in and the thought of leftovers are down right depressing, but as for me, I’m good.  Here’s why.  I spent my first Christmas with my first and only little girl.  I got to see a lot of  family whom I don’t visit with enough but whom I care for and love just the same.  I got to see all of our blessing having a blast and being very thankful at the same time for all of the many things they received this year.  I got to eat more than I should have.  I got to take great photos like this.


Last and most importantly, I worship a living God who sent his only son here to die for my sins and yours so that we might have an everlasting life in heaven with Him.  And, I know that I will be there in heaven because I am a sinner saved by Grace through Faith and I pray, I truly pray, that you are too!

So the leftovers, yeah I’ll take those tonight on this night of Christmas 2009.  Now, enjoy some of my favorite photos of this Christmas.

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