Horse Shirt

The most important thing on B1’s wish list this Christmas was a horse shirt.  So Casey and I knew we had to find a shirt with a horse shirt on it.  That was easier said than done!  It is hard finding a kids shirt with a horse on it.  We finally found one on eBay that could fit him.  On Christmas morning he opened it up and immediately put it on to show it off.  He wore it out the day after Christmas too.

Casey, B1 and B2 went out Saturday to buy some pants and go out to eat.  A mini date and family time with them.  We stopped by Dillards to look at some pants.  The mall was packed!  Casey and B1 went and looked at some kids clothes and B1 found his dream clothes!  The POLO section!  Finally a horse shirt!

So, B1 has a new fixation with Polo clothes.  I think I will stick with the eBay shirts with horses on them!


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