Mind Dump Moday – Potties, Nuts, and Extra Chins

– Today we got a call from our lawyers office that handled our closing only to hear that our loan was not completely paid off at the time of closing.  Ugh.  Anyway after some phone calls and a trip to the bank everything was resolved.

– Today we began Potty Training Bootcamp with B3.  It went well, no accidents yet.  We set the timer to go off every 20 minutes to remind us and him to go to the potty.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

– I got to hear David preach twice yesterday, he done a great job.  He was the most comfortable that I have seen him in the pulpit.

– David finally got a key made to the new house today!

– Everyone’s looking forward to New Year’s Eve here, we have a bit of a tradition but more on that later.

– Odd how you go through strange food cravings.  I have been eating lots of nuts lately.  Peanut bars for breakfast, pecans and dried cranberries for a snack at night, and lots of  fruitcake with walnuts (this is my first year eating fruitcake and I just can’t understand why it gets such a bad rep.)  Not sure if too many nuts can have an adverse effect on you.  And, no I’m not pregnant.

– B4 got the okay to try some rice cereal at her last doctor’s appointment.  I have tried to feed it to her many times over the past few weeks and she has yet to ingest more than a thimble full of it.  She very politly lays it back onto the spoon with her tongue.

– I’m so glad to have David home this week, he took off a few extra days between Christmas and New Years.  I’m sure we can get lots of things done, or maybe just a few.

– Since moving into the bigger house with more levels we’ve had a problem with the kids leaving their stuff in various places in the house.  We’re trying out a new rule.  The boys have to pay .10 at the end of the day for everything that we collect, tonight they each had to pay .50 a piece (all monies collected will go to church).  I’m thinking of making it a house wide rule for everyone, hum, can I do that?

– Lastly, I’m in awe of B4’s new thigh rolls and extra chins.  She’s growing so quickly, even without the rice cereal.  🙂


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