Breakfast Date

B1 chose to take me out on a breakfast date Saturday morning.  He chose IHOP and wanted to go to Barnes & Noble afterward.  I knew I was in for a good time when I walked out and he asked me if I was going to tuck in my shirt.  What a stickler!  He insisted that we dress alike.  I guess so people would know we were together?

We made a quick trip to the car wash to get the dirt off the Durango.  The lady working there told him that we looked just alike and I could see him smiling ear to ear.  I was too!  After that we headed to IHOP which was packed, not a parking spot in the lot.  I told him we wold have to go elsewhere and he sounded sad.  I drove around a couple times and finally found a spot.  We walked in and sat right down, no wait.

He ordered a Rootie, Jr and quickly cleaned the plate!  B1 was now ready for his hot chocolate at Barnes & Noble.  He begged for a small horse stuffed animal and I gave in pretty quickly.  I think that was his highlight of the date.  I know he enjoyed making all the decisions.  B1 being the first can be a llittle bossy.  🙂




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