Road Trip

We took a road trip last week to Charlotte and I got to visit my first IKEA store, wow if you’ve never been there you’d be amazed at this place.  First of all it was huge, we literally got lost a couple of times and we didn’t even get to look at the lower floor because we ran out of time.  In addition to any home furnishing you could imagine they also have a cafe area and a kids play area.  Unfortunately if you are looking to buy only “made in the US” products this is not the place for you because IKEA is a Swedish company. I, myself would prefer to buy only US products but have only been a bit successful in that thus far.

Back to IKEA, I can’t attest to the quality of all of their products, I’ve heard good things for the most part, but I can say that on average their pretty cheap on everything.  I was in awe of all of the organizational products they carried, similar to a Container Store if you’ve been to one of those.  They have a ton of kids things (bedding, toys, furniture, etc.) with many fun playful patterns and colors.  We picked up a couple of organizational bins and a indoor swing chair to hang in the boys clubhouse (but shhh, that’s a birthday present).  Of course they have any kind of furniture you could possibly need and to my surprise you can design your whole kitchen there, cabinets and all.  I would love to go back to IKEA this time without kids preferably so that I could look at everything.  The only downside is that it was so enormous that I experienced my “Walmart amnesia” you know the minute you walk in the door and see all the stuff you have no idea why you’re there.  A list may be helpful if you’re looking for something in particular, if not and you’re just browsing be prepared to stay a while.

The main reason for our road trip was not the trip to IKEA but because the boys desperately wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop at Concord Mills. They were overjoyed when we finally pulled into the parking lot with the dozens of boats and massive storefront all decked out in “outdoorsy” like things.  B4 did not share their joy and decided to poop thus delaying my entrance into the much sought after store.  Grandpa had generously passed along a gift card for all of the boys to share so we were on a mission to buy something for everyone.  After passing over many camouflaged things, raccoon hats, overpriced toys, and winter gear they finally settled on hats.  Of course we had to see the big fish in the big tank in which I’m pretty sure that B3 thought he would be eaten by.  Not to fear he survived, but will still tell you about how the fish looked at him.

That was the end of our road trip.  Yes, we did spend four hours driving in a day to visit two stores.  Honestly we all needed an excuse to get out of the house for a day and the boys desire to visit the Bass Pro Shop (despite the fact that they have no idea what 90% of the things in there were for) seemed like the perfect one.  Anyway, we had a good time and at one point we had at least three children asleep at the same time.  David and I got to have a few conversations, David drove (which is something I think he really enjoys because he gets to take a mental break), and I obnoxiously checked my email, surfed the Internet, and tweeted because my body doesn’t know how to be still for four hours.  We even caught a glimpse of the Great Wolf Lodge, hum, gotta see how I can work that into a field trip.

Thought this would be a good time to check out my iPhone photos, so enjoy.


This little gem showed up on our school book one day.

boxWho needs toys?


B3 trying out a new look with some sort of cords??


Our little thumb sucker.

prettygirlB4’s close up.

daddyandgirlDaddy and his girl.


B3 fighting with his new lap table thingy.


Large Bass Pro Shop Tree

ikeaHuge IKEA store

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