WARNING: Weird Dream Post

OK, have you ever had a dream that seemed so real and when you woke up you remembered almost every single detail?  Maybe you’ve had a dream with someone in it you haven’t seen in years, then you see them later on that week?  I’m not into science-fiction or anything strange like that but, the dream I had last night was STRANGE.  I’m going to go out on a limb and share it with you.  This may be dangerous.  It may give you a glimpse into my subconscious or something crazy like that.

We start out in a third world Asian country.  I assume this is where I am at.  It is a busy urban setting, everyone is speaking another language and everyone looks Asian.  I am apparently shopping for a new home for the family.  My realtor has the perfect spot for me to look at.  It is a casino that has been closed for some time and is currently housing whoever can get in the door.

We walk into the front of the casino and see a full line of rundown slot and poker machines.  We go through a door and it is like we had stepped into a family home.  A family of 10 were currently living in the lounge/kitchen area.  This part of the place looks immaculate with marble counter tops, hardwood floors, etc.  The family had put a bunch of mattresses to cover the floor in the kitchen for their kids who had problems walking.  I could see the kids laying on their sides in the kitchen and their legs had braces on them.

I could see a huge picture window that looked out over the grand backyard.  Note, we were in a busy urban area before.  I only saw one other door and the signs of a basement.  I was now talking to the two men of the house.  I took it they were father and son and now they were Italian.  I repeatedly asked them about the door to the basement and they pretended that they didn’t understand what I was asking.  So we went to the backyard.  The back had the greenest grass I had ever seen in a field of about 3 acres but there were rundown campers in the back.  You could tell that people lived in these campers and I questioned if everyone was nice.  The two Italian men responded that they were.

We returned back into the house and I insisted on going to the basement.  Everyone was looking at me and whispering.  I entered the door and went down two flights of stairs.  The two Italian men right on my heels.  I opened the door to the basement and we walked into what looked similar to an airport hangar/garage.  I walked into the basement/garage and it was big enough to fit probably two airplanes in them.  The two men continued to look worried and were speaking loudly to each other in Italian.

I continued to look around and they had a railing that looked out over some cliffs at the far side of the hangar.  I heard a loud banging and turned to find a large metal closet along the wall of the room I entered.  The two men were running toward me.  My eyes were fixed on the closet that was shaking and obviously had something in it that wanted out.  I don’t know if I was more worried about the two guys or what was in the closet.  I punched the younger of the two men when they got to me and the older one grabbed me around the waist.  The doors to the closet slung open and everyone froze.

A middle-aged woman in a wedding dress sprang out of the closet, bouquet and all.  The two men continued to try and get me over the railing over the cliff.  Then in the distance I heard sirens…………It was 5:25 and my iPhone was going off. Time to get up and work out.

WOW!  I normally don’t have dreams or at least dreams that I remember, but that one was real. I can almost trace everyone one of those pieces of the dream from something that I have seen in real life or on tv recently.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately no pictures will accompany this post.

I heard or read a while back that dreams only last 7 seconds, but that one seemed to go on forever.  Some people dream when they eat late at night.  I think my body is reacting to my new eating plan and diet.  Who knows what greatness the dream world will hold for me tonight.  I’m pretty sure I was going to be able to handle those two Italian guys, but bridezilla may have been too much.

So, here is the challenge.  Try to analyze my dream or share your own recent weird dream.  Come on now don’t make me feel totally freaky over my strange dreams.

4 thoughts on “WARNING: Weird Dream Post

  1. I think creative people have very elaborate dreams. I often wake up from a dream and think, “Wow, what a movie that would make!” Like the night I dreamed I was asked to sing at church dressed in a furry hippo suit with eight legs. What was that all about? I think it had something to do with the Mexican dish I ate the night before.
    Hope you have a more peaceful night tonight.

  2. Well, you know I have the recurring dream about forgetting to go to a class for the whole year and then failing it without even knowing that I was supposed to be there. I’m guessing that has something to do with a fear of forgetting something important. Oh, and then the dream the other night that you ran into some guys sports car because he parked it in the fast food drive through lane. Not sure what that’s about. But, I’m with Rebecca I just want to have enough sleep at one time to be able to dream. 🙂

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