Check and Check

Today we can breath a sigh of relief.  THE CLUBHOUSE HAS BEEN MOVED! It currently resides in it’s permanent resting place to be enjoyed by all of our blessings (and some other kids too, I’m sure).  Sure this may seem like a little thing but trust me it was quite an ordeal.  All of the rain that we’ve had lately has thrown a wrench in attempts to get it moved but ahh, today was the day.  God bless the owners of our old home for working with us to get this all worked out, but finally, did I mention it’s DONE!


And, one more thing we got checked off recently.


Yes, B4 got her very own and very pink Boppy Pillow.  I think she’s pretty happy with it, what do you think?  We found this one with a really nice soft cover on clearance at Target.  Good find I would say, I have a problem paying full price for anything.  So there ya go, check and check, that’s two things off the never ending to-do list.

3 thoughts on “Check and Check

  1. I loved it when we got inside out of the 30 degree weather and B2 opened the window to gaze out at the clubhouse and his other grandmother told him to close the window that it wasn’t going to talk to him. He and B1 were overjoyed that it had finally been moved.

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