Wii Wii

Yes, we purchased a Wii yesterday to get us through the Winter workouts.  A couple of mornings running in 20 degree weather was enough for me.  I don’t really get along with Richard Simmons or any type of aerobics.  We had planned on getting the Wii Fit but got the EA Sports Active instead.  The pictures Casey posted last night were from the Wii boxing game.  I’m sure you could sit on the couch and do the same thing but, we were both getting into the workout last night.  Casey earned the nickname “Killa” from her mom.  I can’t even explain it!

I was a pretty avid gamer growing up.  I can remember my Texas Instrument, Atari 2600, Nintendo and Super Nintendo.  That pretty much ended my gaming.  I had always hoped there would be some sort of interactive games.  I purchased a power pad after I graduated high school that included a track and field game.  It was ok, but nothing like this.

We didn’t tell the kids we had bought the Wii.  When they walked downstairs this morning they saw it an immediately knew what it was.  They played a couple of games this afternoon including boxing and baseball.  I think I would put B2 up against anyone in Wii boxing.  I have to keep telling him to backup.  I’m pretty sure someone is going to punch the tv before its over.  I worked up a good sweat myself.

Admittedly, my arms are sore today.  We have our first weigh in tomorrow for our family Biggest Loser.  My brother is actually trying to put on weight.  He swears he has lost 10 pounds since last weigh in.  I weighed in the other day and have lost 5 pounds already.  Slowly but surely.

The wii, cheaper than a gym membership and more interactive than just running down the road, hopefully will help us lose more weight and keep in shape.  Right now we are sticking to the workout games and the boys are under strict rules not to touch it.

I think I’m more scared of the boys passing out after feeling their heartbeats after boxing.  I’ll be doing my first full workout on it in the morning at 5:30.  I’ll let you know if it was any good!

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