Performance Review Time

It is that time of year again when I get to have a one to two hour meeting with my boss to have my annual performance review.  I always dread these for many reasons.  Although this year has been great I always look at what did not get done.  We totally redesigned our homepage and a number of other sites and won an award for our admissions site, but all I harp on is the sites we didn’t get finished.  I also have the fun task of giving performance reviews for the two guys I supervise.

I always dread this process but it is good to take the time and focus on the past year.  What was done right, what was done wrong, what we need to improve on or what we need to change.  It is a time of reflection and a time to look ahead.  So many days I am focused on the many small tasks that are before me that I miss the big projects and deadlines that are looming.

Casey and I have had some conversations on this very thing in our personal lives lately.  We normally set goals for the new year, but things being so transitional this year we bypassed the usual goals.  I do however think we all should take time to do a personal life performance review each year.  What were your major accomplishments, what did you do right, what do you regret, what did you learn, what do you wish you did more of?  So many times we get caught up in the day to day that we can’t see the big picture.  Or as Casey posted, “Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize”

What are we here for? Am I making a difference? Will what I did today make a difference 100 years from now?  Did I make anyone’s life better today?  What legacy will we leave behind?

These are questions that I am asking myself constantly.  I ask God to strengthen me and guide me daily to give me the opportunity to serve and the boldness to follow.  So it may not be January 1st, but I urge you to take some mental time and just do a personal performance review.  And pray for me as I go into mine on Friday 🙂

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