Compare and Contrast

B1 and B2 will be writing a compare/contrast paragraph tomorrow in school as part of their language arts curriculum.  I loved language arts (English as we called it) in school but it can be a little less than enjoyable to try to teach as I have recently learned.  I thought in an attempt to “get my head in the game” I would compare and contrast  for you tonight something that has been on my mind lately.  Inspired by blogs like Mckmama and Kingdom Twindom I will attempt to compare and contrast blogging verses BOLD blogging.

First of all let’s talk about blogging in general.  What is a blog?  Here is a short definition provided by Google: web log: a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies.  Sounds pretty good to me, it’s basically an online diary, that you may or may not choose to share with other people.  I used to be a diary writer as a child so it seems fitting for me to enjoy blogging.  It’s the sharing part that is the main difference, of course I would not volunteer my diary for someone to read yet, here we blog for our family, friends or just visitors to read.  Our blog is a pretty run of the mill  family blog where we talk about fun trips that we take, funny things our kids say or do with a few deeper or more serious posts inserted in here and there.

BOLD blogging on the other hand is a bit different.  While it is still much like an online diary and there are still fun playful posts, BOLD blogging includes much more than sharing about your day at the park.  BOLD Bloggers feel they have a calling to share more than just the good things in their lives.  Understand me here, it’s not a rant about all that is bad or annoying in their lives.  BOLD blogging is not airing all of your dirty laundry but it’s about sharing things “in time” for the sole purpose of giving God the glory and encouraging others.

Now for my input on the matter.  We’ve never been very open about things that go on in our personal lives.  I wasn’t rasied to be that way and neither was David.  It has served us pretty well through our nine years of marriage thus far.  I don’t feel like we put up a front about how things in our lives are, yet I don’t feel like we offer up any information either.  With David now being called to preach I have to wonder if “sharing” is not something that kinda comes with the position.  So, tonight I leave you with this question are you more effective in sharing the gosepel when you are willing to open up your lives a bit, not completely, but a bit?

Now I share with you a beautiful tabletop decoration that B1 made last night at supper time and B4 and our nephew thinking about sharing.



5 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast

  1. Oh yes, you know I loved my High School English class, I had this amazing teacher that constantly challenged my mind, hum… what was her name again… 😉

    The essays were as follows: B1-Horse Riding compared to Car Riding, B2-Wolves compared to Bears, It was no Huck Fin compared to Catcher but, they were pretty decent.

  2. So, I may have missed this, but what sparked B1’s love of horses? Has he ridden before? My husband airbrushes. Perhaps I’ll have to arrange a gift to fall in B1’s lap unexpectedly.

    • I guess it all started about about a year and a half ago when we went to the rodeo in Efland, he’s been smitten with horses ever since. Yes he has had a chance to ride a couple of times but that’s it. At this point that’s all he want to play with, talk about, etc.

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