Patience My Dear

I procrastinated today.  While normally I would try to come up with something to blog about during the day, today I did not.  Instead after church this morning I chose to read a couple of chapters of a book I just started (maybe I’ll share another time if there ends of being anything worth sharing), do some Wii boxing for exercise, and rest for a few minutes.  It must have been the rain, I was just not motivated I suppose.  With this being said, I was sure that on our way home from church tonight I would have a good 30 minutes to brainstorm about something to blog about.

We jumped in the car after church and started home.  The boys talked about 5 minutes while we got situated and then, it happened.  B3 started to repeat over and over again “going to Pickle’s house”, “going to Pickle’s house”, “going to Pickle’s house”.

B3 delighted us with his plans to visit Pickle all the way home in tones varying from really loud to slightly loud, back to really loud again.  Sure, in an attempt to save my plans for brainstorming I asked a few times “Sweetie, could you pleeeease stop saying that now?”  But, he did not.  So, I did not.  Brainstorm that is, and all I could think about (besides the fact that “Pickle” would be a funny nickname for someone and that the first couple of times he said it it was slightly amusing) was how just a few shorts years ago  I would have most certainly lost my cool before getting home during a ride like this.  Tonight I did not lose my cool instead I decided this was not a battle worth having because, technically he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

So tonight I’m simply here to say, praise God for an answered prayer!  After many years of praying for patience I discovered tonight that God has in fact decided to hand some my way.  Of course I could always use more, but I will take what He gives for now. And also to ask you to please pray for my husband whom I heard in a very hushed, under-the-breath sort of tone ask God for his own patience, albeit not in those exact words. 🙂


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