Mind Dump Monday

We are looking for houses to rent for summer vacation and are amazed at the options out there.  Who knew you could rent a house that is 9 miles off the paved road with horses that roam your yard.  The boys have already planned on rounding up a horse and bringing it home.

Yesterday after supper before we went back to church I asked B3 what he had on his mouth.  He responded, “lips”

After seeing these houses out in the middle of nowhere, ocean-front makes me want to move into one.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind…

I’m on week 3 of the weight loss journey.  11 pounds and counting, still a long way to go.

Almost no one was at work today and it was nice.  I actually got some work done.

The boys have been infatuated with “buckle belts” for the past couple of weeks.

B4 slept in her crib last night for the first time.  Happy and sad times.

We got an e-mail from The Victory League, our baseball league, last week about registration starting.  I’ll be coaching again and the boys can’t wait until we get started.

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