My mind has been busy lately so tonight you get a glimpse into the ramblings in my brain.

– Decisions, decisions, between trying to choose a vacation spot for this summer and window sizes and such for the addition we have lots of decisions to make soon.

– What kind of book would we start in school this week except a horse book (to be exact it’s about dancing horses), so of course I have the boys undivided attention at least at read-a-loud time.

– We’ve been studying the Reformation in history it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from teaching a 2nd grade history class, I find myself disappointed in my public school education.

– I’m so very intrigued about a vacation in a beach town with no paved roads for 9 miles.

– I’ve been enjoying our couples devotionals we’ve really been examining the meaning of the word “love”.

– Still chipping away at my new book, sometimes I find that the books that make you the most uncomfortable have the biggest potential to have an impact on your thoughts.

– My mom is on a mission to learn how to do Sudoku, I love to see people constantly trying to challenge themselves.

– I so proud of David’s weight loss and just seeing him eat healthier makes me proud.

That’s it for tonight, I’m challenging David to “Blog Boldly” tomorrow, guess we’ll see what happens.

Didn’t think you could wear a belt buckle with athletic pants on, if B1 can pull it off anyone can.


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