5 months and counting

Can you believe that B4 is quickly approaching the 1/2 year mark.  Well I certainly can’t, and although I’m so happy to see her growing and learning new things it still makes me kinda sad.

This was B4’s tiny feet just a few months ago.


Now her plump feet yesterday.


Okay, I know her feet haven’t changed that much but I just love baby feet.

But what about this?  B4 about 5 months ago.


B4 yesterday.


I know, I can’t even wrap my mind around it.  She’s growing so fast.  So here’s a little update on our newest one.  B4 can still be caught sucking her thumb on occasion.  She is doing a little better with eating her rice cereal, but it’s still nothing too special to her.  She is still eating at night, but she spends half of the night in her crib, sometimes.  She is still just as cuddly, beautiful, and quiet as before.  She still has no teeth, and not much hair which doesn’t bother her in the least.  She has started to grab for everything; my hair, my cup, our food, plastic bags, pretty much anything within reach.  She enjoys her biting keys and a strange looking stuffed toy that she likes to suck on.  She is not sitting on her own yet, but it is no doubt soon to come.  She’s been rolling over for a while now, and can no longer be trusted on our bed by herself.  She has the most contagious smile and the most piercing blue eyes, sometimes she looks at you like see can see right into your soul.  She laughs out loud at her silly brothers and when you tickle her under her arm or chin chins.  She still enjoys being in her wrap and can be rocked to sleep in under a minute.

Now once more, let’s see that pretty girl!


Ah, our lovely B4 at 5 months and counting.

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