It started with Casey last night around 9:30 – 10:00 and the outbreak spread quickly.  The exposure to the pathogen had already taken place.  Who would be next?  Casey was glued to the couch and B4 and I stayed up until 12 to see how fast it spread.

We finally went to bed and our infection alert went off around 1:00.  Our alert is B1 running down the stairs hysterically saying someone is sick.  I went upstairs accessed the situation, took the bedding downstairs and put B2 in the shower.  He hopped in the pull out couch with Casey and we had the ingredients of a sickly sleepover.  Surely we are done for the night?

Casey had to feed B4 even though she was near dehydration.  B4 and I get back into our warm bed.  Just a few hours later I hear the alarm go off again, another infection.  This time it was B3.  Took care of him and put him in the sick ward, the pull out couch, with the other loved ones that are infected.

B1, B4 and I have to put on our hazmat suits before we go in to see everyone this morning.  B1 and I made a run by Food Lion to pick up the usual supplies Gatorade, Ginger Ale and Crackers.

The fever set on Casey and B2 later on today and everyone just looked pitiful laying around.  They are in bed now and hopefully it is only a 24hour bug.  Thank God B4 stayed away from it and B1 and I are still doing well.  Sounds like some outbreak show or book, but it is our life.  No we do not go to the extreme of hazmat suits or quarantines, but we do get a little crazy with the Lysol wipes and spray.

It seems to be going around.  I pray you and your family don’t get it!

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