In light of all of the yuck around here this weekend, some pretty super things did come out of it.  First of all, how about this super new design!  I finally got up my nerve about a week ago to ask my super husband for a new design for our site.  It’s something that I’ve wanted to a while now but hesitated knowing that he does this all day long, design sites that is, and I felt really bad asking.  Wow, what a great job though right?  I think it is definitely more me, or us, okay mainly just me but either way I’m super duper excited about it!  I’m sure that I’ve been his best customer yet, especially since I pay in cheeseburgers.  Secondly I’m super excited for some friends that called yesterday with some super news it helped lift some spirits on a pretty blah kind of day.  Congratulations guys!   Of course I have to be super happy that everyone seems to be on the mend today and extra super happy that as of now David, B1, B4 and my mom have all managed to escape the bug.  Lastly check out this super picture that I got of B4 the other day.


You just gotta love black and white photos.  Just a short post for me tonight, I’m going to attempt to have an actual conversation with my husband  instead of lying beside him in a lethargic slumber. Cause that would just be, you guessed it, super.

2 thoughts on “Super

  1. I didn’t see the new design last night. But today It looks crisper and brighter with these new colors. Also, it’s aligned differently, right? Good Job!

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