The Eye of the Storm

So last night I was optimistic about all that’s been ailing us here.  I thought that maybe, hopefully, it was on the way out.  But I was wrong, very very wrong.  Yes, apparently yesterday we were experiencing the eye of the storm, for today we experienced the backside of the storm the ugly ugly backside.  It started around midnight last night with B1 quickly followed by David and this morning by B4.  The good news is that we are running out of people to get the stuff (my mom had a mild case and my dad has been at work since it all started).  Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to start back with our blogging, please help us pray for this stuff to be over.  And we will take no offense if you feel the need to stay 100 yards away from us for a few weeks. 🙂  Also a few people were having a problem seeing the new design, if you are, try refreshing your page it should show up then.  And yes, I know that B4 is no longer 1 month old as soon as my web designer is back in action he will get it fixed.  🙂  That’s it for now, stay well and put a cone on your head just for fun!


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