Construction Begins

As you can guess by the title construction began today!  The holes were dug for the footer and the concrete was poured for the pilons.  The boys got to watch the concrete truck back in and dump the concrete.  You would think that that would be enough for one day.  B1 and B2 made a surprise trip with mawmaw to go see some horses!  Cowboy and G-man, who were quarter horses according to B1 and a real life cowboy owns them.  So, concrete trucks and horses oh my!

According to B1 I also met my new best friend today.  A man stopped by and wanted to take some pictures of a platform Casey’s dad built for the zipline.  We talked for a few minutes and he is a pastor at a local Baptist Church who has three kids who are homeschooled.  Pretty funny.

Short post tonight because I need to finish up my message for tomorrow night.  I’ll be preaching on Transparency, Authenticity and Being Bold.  I’m sure Casey will make up for my short post tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Construction Begins

  1. The pastor of our church and his wife are homeschooling, Casey. They’re just a few yrs older than us and are right down the road from you…they live in the parsonage at Edgewood BC…
    Hope you and the family are doing well, certainly looks that way! 🙂

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