Coats on!  Shoes on!  Get in the car!  Three doors close and we are off.  Where you ask?  Off to give mommy a little sanity.  Where do I find that at?  For me it’s Chick-fil-a.  Oh, must be the play area you say.  Um no.  Let me explain.

Some days I’m really “on”.  I get up early, exercise before the kids are up, shower before time for David to leave, get school started by 8:30, finish before lunch time, get all the clothes washed and put away,  have time to play with B3, spend plenty of cuddle time with B4, blog during nap time, get supper cooked and ready on time, clean up from supper, get baths done on time, and still have some time to spend with David at night.

Other times, I’m “off”.

We get up late, no time to exercise, breakfast runs late, school starts late, school runs late, clothes don’t get put away until bedtime, don’t have the time or patience to play with anyone, even cute things annoy me, B4 sleeps at inconvenient times, excited kids drive me crazy, “nap time?  did I miss that?”, even the task of planning supper seems as insurmountable as brain surgery and we end up eating stuff that rhymes with slamburger slelpher,  blogging happens around 10:00 pm, and “my husband?  where did he come from”?

You get the picture.

When I worked outside the home “off” days were a little easier.  I could put off some of the less desirable work for another day, maybe go run an errand to clear my mind, or eat a lunch in by myself to calm things a bit.  I do not have that same luxury now.  Even during an “off” day, the kids must be feed, dressed, and taught.  The laundry must be done.  The supper must be cooked.  Which brings me back to Chick-fil-a.

When things get a little too stressful at home with the kids, we just need to get in the car and go, somewhere, anywhere just go.  We almost always end up at Chick-fil-a and I think I’ve finally figured out why.  Our closest Chick-fil-a is 30 minutes away.  When I get overwhelmed with my dear B’s my subconscious calculator starts adding up the hour long trip (there and back) of peace that would be accomplished with a lunch at Chick-fil-a.  Once in the car I turn the radio up just enough to muffle little sounds and I relax and drive and listen to music while the B’s talk, look, play, or whatever they can quietly do to occupy themselves.  Once at our convented spot we order and eat (in the car) still listening to music.  After this calming ritual I’m even occasionally up for another errand or so before the nice 30 minute drive back home.

So there it is, my escape plan for an “off” day.  Being that it is about 10:30 pm now, I’ll let you guess what kind of day I had today.  What do you do to survive your “off” days?


3 thoughts on “Off

  1. It’s already one of those days for us! I think we’ll need to go to Wal Mart….and get a Pepsi…..when I work my off days are fixed by lunch with my friend Erin.

  2. I talked to Aunt Carrie tonight and she wanted me to let you know how much she has enjoyed watching the Blessings grow up on your blog. She reads it every day and loves the pictures.

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