What day is it?

This week at work has been a little hectic.  Being out has gotten my days off a bit.  Deadlines that I thought were next week are actually this week.  Only a small oops, haha.  No worries, things will be complete by tomorrow.  Casey and I had a short but sweet date night tonight at our favorite local restaurant.  Followed by a trip to the grocery store.  No, not to get bread and milk.  Actually a quite eclectic mix of items:  4 gallons of vinegar, a bottle of water, two pieces of tiramisu, and a bag of ice.

The consensus among local weather people says the snow/ice is supposed to start tomorrow around 9pm.  I’ve heard anywhere from 3″ – 1′.  So in the spirit of snow I leave you these pictures of B1’s first trip to the……Beach!  Can’t wait until summer time 🙂



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