Cabin Fever…Not yet

The snow came down pretty consistently for the past day and night.  We went out in it this morning and probably had a good 6-7″.  It was enough that B3 couldn’t walk by himself in it.  After about 20 minutes in the snow this morning everyone was ready to come in sit by the gas heater, wrap up in a blanket and sip on some hot cocoa.

Being stuck in the house led everyone to find something to do.  While the boys warmed up I read and Casey worked on the computer for awhile.  Casey had been cooking some great chili all day.  We played a little bit of the Wii, read some, played with cars and some ventured to the grocery store.  Casey, her mom and B1 walked to the store to pick up some essentials including ice cream!?!  This was at the request of B3.  He wanted ice cream and bacon.

Here are some pictures and a movie from our day.



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