Turning a blind eye

Whether it’s glimpses on television of the homeless, starving or sick an old couple holding hands, a newlywed couple at dinner or new parents taking their baby out for the first time.  These images make us feel something inside.  Some of these emotions or feelings are welcome and some we try to get rid of immediately.  I can go back to times in my life when I’ve been flooded with emotions over things I’ve seen first hand.  A dirty kid running through the streets while a mother chases after him.  A homeless couple digging through the trash looking for another meal.  A mother physically and verbally abusing her kids in public.

I’ve been in the position of seeing these things over the past 15 years.  You hear about these situation and you never know how you would react.  In some of these I was younger and some I wasn’t in a position to act.  To be honest most of the time I wanted to go home and wash these images out of my head and never think of them again.  This is the same reaction I think we all feel at some point in our lives when we see an injustice or suffering taking place.  On tv, in the paper, on the Internet we feel so removed from these people.

What if I had reacted in those situations?  It may not have been my place.  I didn’t know the situation.  I can make all kinds of excuses.  Better yet, what if I hadn’t tried to push those emotions or feelings out of my mind and heart.  We shouldn’t live solely by our emotions but we shouldn’t be stone cold either.  The Bible repeatedly tells us to meditate on the Word.  We need to slow down sometimes and take in the happenings of the day.  The interactions, the emotions, the opportunities, the places we could have made a difference.

I am one who loves people’s stories.  Their lives, their experiences, where they’ve been, where there going.  When I see something like I’ve described earlier I try to think of the different circumstances that led to that very moment in time.  The point that I always come around to is putting myself in that place.  I think it is important that in this day in time when we feel so removed from things that we see going on in the world that we can put ourselves in that place.

I know that that could be me, but by the grace and blessings of God I am where I am today.  I shouldn’t look down on anyone else or feel that I am better than them in any way.  I need to first and foremost pray for them.  I have no clue what is going on in their lives.

Next time you see something that results in a feeling or emotion that is one that you don’t feel often linger on it for a little while longer.  We don’t need to push out these emotions so quickly.  We don’t want to close our hearts down for these feelings in the future.  So many times we push out these feelings time and time again and the result is a cold callous heart that is not open to any feeling.

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