Mind Dump Monday – As the Snow Melts

– I find melting snow a bit depressing.  You get the big build-up, the snow finally arrives, you’re happily snowed in for a couple of days, then the big melt, ugh.

– I did enjoy the few days we’ve had together as a family with the snow and all except that we ate too much that always happens when it snows.

– I’m realizing I have a real love/hate relationship with Facebook.

– I think it’s funny that  I felt guilty for a brief few moments last week when I had to become single on Facebook so that I could become married to David again since he deleted his profile a few months ago and then decided to rejoin.  Sounds like I’m not the only one with a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

– We secured a house for our vacation in June, Yay, now I can just set back and wait for sunshine, green grass, flowers, and the smell of tomatoes.

– B1 is set on a horse cake for his birthday, David feels like he is more than capable of making one since I make him watch “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss”, he even knows what fondant is.  On that note, if you have suggestions as to where I can get a horse cake let me know.

– B2 wants to enter a writing contest through PBS, first place is a laptop, second place a digital camera, and third place is an MP3 player.  Here’s some B2 logic for you.  “I really want to win the laptop mama, but I’m good at losing too so maybe I can get the MP3 player.”

– We had a snowball fight with the boys yesterday.  I guess David got some frustrations out since I now have a bruise on my upper thigh.

– Can’t believe that we will soon have an 8 year old in our house.  One car seat down, three to go!

– I was looking at the Compassion International website the other day that pictured some needy children.  B1 asked if we were going to adopt one of them.  “No”, I answered, “why do you ask?”  “I would like to adopt one since we are rich”  he said.  “Sweetie, we’re definitely not rich”, I answered.  “We are to them”, he responded.  Wow, if we only thought in those terms we would really appreciate things more.



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