I’m writing this post ahead of time so that tonight I can escape reluctantly leave the house for a couple of hours to go to a homschool moms meeting.  The topic is how to add “sparkle” to your homeschool.  David asked me if I should bring my own bedazzler, not that I have one, ahem anymore.  Anyway, I have high hopes for some fantastic ideas to get me out of this winter rut that I seem to be stuck in.  Even if I don’t bring back any ideas (which I’m certain will not be the case because these ladies in my group really have their act together)  I will have a chance to be around some other homeschool moms which is not something that happens very often.

Which brings me to my problem.  This is pretty much soley my fault.  I should put connecting with other homeschool moms higher on my priority list, I want to put it higher on my list, but in the end it always gets pushed to the back.  The same goes with helping my kids become more connected with other homeschoolers.  I need and want to do this for my kids.  So you, my dear blog readers are my accountability.  Do you like how I volunteered you for that?, good.

I will try harder to do these two things.  I will be better about connecting with other homeschool moms because I always feel better when I do.  It is important to talk with others that can relate to your day to day struggles.  I will try harder to help my kids meet and develop friendships with more homeschooled kids because I want them to understand that they are not the only homeschooled kids around.  I want them to make friendships even though they are not in the conventional environment all day to do so.   I will not become isolated because with all of the groups out there, there is no reason for this to happen.  Even if it is not always convenient I will try harder.  So there,  now I already feel better.  After all acknowledging that you have a problem is always the first step, or so I hear.

So excuse me while I mix and mingle and encourage and be encouraged.  Although this may be easier if I could convince some of my current friends to homeschool.  Come on guys!  Just kidding that would be taking the easy way out, I know.  Please pray for us as we try to climb this mountain together, the kids and I.  You like that transition to this cool picture of my mom and B1 climbing a hill the other day?


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