Early Valentines Present

I ordered Casey’s Valentines present on Monday and tracked it all week to see when it would get here.  From Dallas, TX to Winston-Salem, NC and on the truck ready for delivery Saturday morning.  When we returned home from our outing today I sat in the big chair so I could see the drive way.  I looked patiently for the FedEx truck and finally a Ryder truck pulled up.  I went out and met the driver and signed for the package.

Casey had no clue what was going on and it looked like we were receiving some huge package.  I brought the box in and took it to our bedroom.  I unboxed the present to inspect it and immediately noticed a problem with it.


I bought it used, which normally I have no problem with.  I left it alone for awhile.  Casey had to go into the bedroom for something so I told her to close her eyes.  I showed her the “new” MacBook I had bought her.  I told her it was having a little problem, but I was going to look into it.  I ran some firmware updates on it and downloaded the latest software and installed it.  I noticed it was having some problems with the wireless Internet as well.  The Internet would freeze at random times for a minute or two and then come back on.


I asked Casey to use it tonight for a while to test it out and see if everything else was ok with it.  After messing with it the Internet seemed pretty stable on it.  I made a few other changes to get the screen to stop flickering so much.  Hopefully the two strikes were under control.  Then the laptop froze up and Casey restarted the laptop.  Now the laptop can’t find the hard drive and I’m pretty sure I can hear the drive clicking…..click…..click……click.


I guess that’s what I get for trying to save a few dollars and get the used laptop instead of the new one.  Casey was excited for a little while until the computer died.  I’ll be honest I got it for myself as well.  So that I could have my laptop back 🙂

Now I start the long process of the return.  Maybe they will surprise me and everything will go smooth.  I won’t hold my breath.

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