New Duds

David and I took B1 out on Saturday.  He decided for his birthday he wanted some new clothes.  Sounded good to me, I’m tired of seeing him in the same clothes all of the time (much like I’m tired of seeing me in the same clothes all of the time, but that’s another post).  I have to admit we aren’t super strict about dressing the kids.  Since we homeschool there are many days that we do not leave the house.  Although I don’t let them stay in pj’s all day, as long as they are wearing something clean that mostly fits I try to hold my tongue most of the time.  We do stress to them hygiene practices and are trying to help them to understand that they should try and make themselves look presentable.  We do try and make sure that they are decently dressed for church on Sundays and they are okay with that.  They just have a problem taking the time on any other given day to find something that is not on the top of the pile in the drawer which, since we wash clothes every day, is usually something that they wore just the other day.

Up until B1 grew into a size 8 we shopped mostly at a local outlet store.  I love that store and continue to shop there for the rest of the B’s.  But with a new size comes new stores so I am trying to be open-minded.  Back to our shopping trip.  Full of excitement at the thought of B1 looking nice in some new duds we arrive at a local department store and begin browsing through their selections (in the clearance section, cause that’s were we shop).  I feel my excitement fall as I look through what they have to offer.  “What about this?”, I say taking something from the 80% off rack.  “Mama it has skulls”, B1 says.  “No it doesn’t .., oh wait, is that..?, oh yeah, hum okay, let’s look over here”, I say.  “Mama, more skulls I don’t see anything without skulls”, B1 replies.  I can tell that he’s beginning to regret this whole updating his wardrobe thing.  The decision is made to scrap this store and try another, but we continued to have the same problem over and over again.

Boy clothes have always been lacking, that’s nothing new.  They’ve always been very limited in designs and colors, but that I can deal with.  What I can’t deal with is the strange designs that they put on these boys clothes as of late like strange faces, skulls, snakes with swords and other Gothic looking pictures.  This is so not what I am used to when buying my kids clothes.  I was frustrated. The clothing options seem downright dark and depressing to me.  Am I crazy to think death when I see skulls?  Is my fashion sense that archaic?

In the end we did manage to make some purchases here and there.  After much searching and scouring of stores B1 did get a nice new wardrobe that he’s happy with, no skulls included.  I just found it sad that it took us such a long time to come up with these things.  I have a “photo shoot” planned with B1 soon for his upcoming birthday, hopefully I’ll be able to share photos of his new stylish self.  For now, here he is again in the snow.


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