Shake It Up

We are now over halfway into our second year of homeschooling.  Yay!  It was good to get the first year behind us it was pretty tedious at times, and this has been a bit of a transition year for us.  The first year we bought a whole curriculum that we followed pretty strictly because I wanted the curriculum to be at fault if my kids ended up dumb and not me because I am such a diligent box checker.  We bought the same curriculum this year but have followed it a little looser, skipping the things I didn’t care for and adding things that I liked.  And now as we are on the back end of this year, I’m already looking into what I want to do next year.  It feels good, freeing to be close to entering our third year.  The best part is my kids aren’t dumb!  Not that I really thought this would be a problem, after all we’ve been “homeschooling” since they were born really.  We taught them how to crawl, walk, talk, potty, etc.  But with David and I both coming from places of “traditional education” I guess we were a little unsure of our abilities to teach our children, which seems silly now to think about.

This upcoming school year I’ve got high hopes for.  With my feeling “free” and all I think I’m ready to step out of the box and start creating our own individualized curriculum.  I’ve done a lot of researching through the last three year on what our homeschool method should be and I’ve decided that we just don’t fall into one category.  We like a little of this and a little of that.  For this reason it’s hard to find an all-in-one curriculum that fits us.  This will take much more planning on my part, I will be forced to be more creative, and I’ll have to be ready to change things up a bit, but I’m excited about the challenge.

Don’t worry grandparents I’m not a real fan of “unschooling”  I don’t think we’ll solely rely on trips to the grocery store to serve as our math lessons.  I won’t drop the kids off in the middle of he city with a map to teach them geography. But I am ready to ditch some of the workbooks and explore nature Charlotte Mason style or Mrs. Frizzle style which means nothing to you if you’ve never read any Magic School Bus books. Keep us in your prayers as we plan to shake things up a bit in school.  Our desire above all is to educate our children the way that God would have us to and to teach them to honor and seek Him in all that they do in life.


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